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In the accademic year of 2001 / 2002, there were roughly 139,000 students enrolled. Teaching Staff include 4,900; full time and assiciates 2,700 and researchers 2,200. Technical and administraive personnel total to 6,000.
Buildings owned or with consent to perpetual public use total to over 90 in which 38 enter in the Universtiy city with the remaining distributed throughout Rome. To these are also added buildings in lease. In the new metropolitan seats which includes Latina, Reiti and Civitavecchia, new spaces are rapidly being acquired.
The Universtiy City, today, occupies an area of roughly 439,000 square meters.
The property situation is destined to change profoundly in the coming years due to a model of "network of federate universties" which the Sapienza has chosen to put into effect, which could give bring them up to a total area of 900,000 square meters.
Presently, there are 21 Faculties, 19 faculites plus School of Areospace Engineering and School for Archivists and Librarians. Included in the total of the other 19 faculties are Medicine and its affiliates, Architecture, Communicational Sciences, subdivision of Psychology in two new facolties and the partitioning in four of the Faculty of Literature; Humanistic Scienzes, Literature and Philosophy, Philosophy, and Oriental Studies. The institutes and departments, which are gradually transforming into institutes as well, total over 130 with university courses totaling over 149.
The Universtiy also has over 171 libraries of which 77 of those possess a volume of roughly 10,000, for a complex of 4.5 million volumes. La Sapienza also accounts for a rich network of museums composed of 19 museums of a scientific-didatic character which realizes an exhibition of monothematic interdisciplinary every year. Im 1999 La Sapienza was gifted with its own monumental statue.

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